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Helpline Terms & Conditions


 The Addiction Resource Center alcohol and drug helpline is a free and confidential resource for individuals, families, and professionals. Our trained counselors provide evidence-based
information, connection to local resources, and compassionate support. We are a project of the nonprofit organization Addiction Policy Forum, and not affiliated with any treatment center or

Privacy Rights. When you reach out to the Addiction Resource Center (ARC) you have the right to remain anonymous. You can choose to use a pseudonym or nickname with an ARC counselor
if you do not wish to use your given name. All personal information relayed to ARC staff, whether anonymous or not, will be stored in an electronic record that meets federal and state privacy and security standards.
Your personally identifiable information will not be shared with anyone outside of the ARC without your consent, unless required by law - for example, if there is an immediate risk of harm to yourself or someone else. In the case of medical emergencies, if ARC staff determine that you are at immediate risk of harm or that an emergency exists, 911 will be contacted even if you did not request this. There are also situations where ARC staff will be required to report to law enforcement suspected child abuse, neglect or the sexual assault of minors.

Recording. At the start of a call to the ARC Helpline, you will be asked if it is okay to record the call for quality improvement purposes. If you say no you will still receive all of the support and
information services offered by the ARC. Recordings are only used for the purposes of quality control and internal staff training. Recordings are stored and protected inside an electronic record system and will not be shared with anyone outside of the ARC staff.

Text and Messaging. Messaging provides live, one-on-one support with a trained ARC counselor over the Internet using a service that works like instant messaging. You can go into a
private session with an ARC counselor and communicate in real-time, by typing messages back and forth.

We ask that you abide by a few rules:
• Do not use this service if you are suicidal, experiencing a crisis or emergency situation.
• Do not prank text. Prank chats take time away from your peers who may really need help.
• Do not embed material using HTML images, sound or video.
• Do not send links to any other websites.
• Do not impersonate another person.
• Do not engage in slander or libel.
• Do not make homophobic or racist comments or engage in hate speech.

We do not collect personally identifiable information unless you voluntarily provide it to us. If you provide your telephone number or other information for contact or other use by the ARC Staff, this information will be stored in your electronic record.

Last Revised: June 2019