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Every person is unique, and their treatment plan should be too. Our staff of clinicians and counselors provides free, confidential support for anyone in need of help with a substance use-related issue, including patients, their families and providers.

*We are not affiliated with any treatment centers or providers.


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What services are provided?

  • Free, confidential support for patients, families, and providers

  • Connection to local treatment and recovery resources

  • Resources for people who are concerned about their substance use or that of a loved one

  • Resources for loved ones grieving due to a substance-related loss

  • Information on naloxone and overdose prevention


Who will I be talking to?

Licensed social workers and addiction counselors. Our clinical staff is experienced in working with patients and their loved ones.


How are treatment connections made?

 Clinical staff use validated screening and assessment tools to make recommendations on the appropriate level of care. They initiate treatment connections using our national database of treatment and recovery resources and continue to work with the individual or family to coordinate treatment connection and engagement in other services as needed.


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