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We lose hundreds of Americans everyday to a disease that is preventable and treatable.


The ARC is a project of the Addiction Policy Forum, a non-profit committed to eliminating addiction as a public health issue. We are the families impacted by substance use, we have lost loved ones to addiction, we have searched for help online only to find for-profit treatment centers marketing substandard care.


We decided to create what we and countless others so desperately needed so that other families don’t have to struggle alone and fewer lives are lost. The ARC fills a critical gap in how addiction is addressed in this country and moves us closer to treating substance use disorders like other chronic diseases.  


The ARC supports patients, families, and providers with critical information about addiction and connects them to quality treatment and recovery resources through our vetted database.




We Built What We Needed

The Addiction Resource Center, an Addiction Policy Forum project, was born from the frustration we felt as family members looking to help our loved ones find treatment for use disorder.

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